Changing Pattern of Events


If you've been following our calendar for some time, you might notice a change which started in June 2022. For most months, we've shifted from weekly public online events, to two public events per month--one online, and one in-person. A few times a year we will again hold weekly or biweekly series.

Our in-person events are still limited to those who are fully vaccinated, but many take place in an indoor venue where other patrons may not be vaccinated. 


September and October:

Autumnal Transformations

An augury was consulted regarding the current direction of Lodge in terms of our activity; a series of six Thoth Tarot cards disclosed a path of transformations of the Will. Let us discuss these as a series of transformations, taking two or three cards in each session. We shall discuss their overall meaning, the manner they transform into each other, and engage in short meditation about each card.



Locus of Control in Magick and in Thelema

The central concept in Thelema is the notion of Will, which implies the belief in our ability to be the agents of change. And yet we live in society, and we can nonetheless get caught in a conventional worldview that sees power as lying within other people, to the exclusion of ourselves. Let us discuss the implications of this situation.


March and April:

Thelemic Foundations and Holy Days

On April 8th, 9th and 10th, Aleister Crowley received and transcribed The Book of The Law. We commemorate this by reading one chapter a day, in the order in which they were written.

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More Information

If an event is open to the public, you are very welcome to attend. Our events are free. We welcome people from anywhere across Canada or the world. Send us a message asking for the event access info. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours in advance; this is not absolutely required, but makes it much more likely that you will get the access info in time.

For videochat events, we do ask that attendees keep their camera on for at least the first 15 or so minutes, and sign in using a name that we will recognize--simply tell us ahead of time if you plan to use a different one.

You know yourself best--if you need to, please set up an event reminder for any events you plan to attend. If you ask for access information and then can't make it to an event, no worries; feel free to ask again for future events.

To learn more about how to join a meeting on Zoom, you can watch this video.

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During the pandemic, Daughter of Sunset Lodge is active. We are currently able to perform initiations. Many events are on videochat. For in-person events, attendees must be fully vaccinated. Official Current BC Restrictions