Monthly Quotes

Each month we feature a quote in our calendar email, and as a graphic on our events page. They're collected here for your perusal.

January of 2022, Discussion of the Tao Te Ching.

James Legge's translation was one of the earliest. This is one of the most readably translated Chapters.

December 2021, we discussed The Collects of The Gnostic Mass. The quote this month is from The Gnostic Mass, when we address The Sun.

In November 2021, this month's quote was chosen to complement an overview of The Holy Books of Thelema.

In October 2021 we had a series on utopias and countercultures.

September 2021, we read through some of the founding documents of the OTO.

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During the pandemic, Daughter of Sunset Lodge is active. We are currently able to perform initiations, although they are on hold at the moment due to the holiday and omicron surge. Many events are on videochat. For in-person events, attendees must bring either 1) proof of full vaccination, or 2) a negative Covid-19 test from within the past 3 days.