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Daughter of Sunset Lodge members pay annual dues to OTO International and OTO Canada, and also (especially for members living in the Greater Vancouver Area) local dues to the Lodge.

Dues may be paid via Paypal (below), e-transfer to the Treasurer, cheque, or cash. For further questions, please contact the Treasurer.

Local Dues

Local Dues are an opportunity to help fund the creation of a Temple for the Gnostic Catholic Church in the Greater Vancouver Area, as well as other Lodge functions! The amount paid in local dues is up to the member, with a minimum of $5 a month. 

Suggested local dues are: 

Minervals: $30, $20, or $10

I° and above: $40, $30, or $20

V° and above: $50, $40, or $30

Annual Dues

Annual dues (and initiation fees) are now in Canadian Dollars:

* Intermediate degrees do not have separate dues, but continue the dues of the previous numbered degree.

Contact Treasurer
Email Treasurer

For information about dues, donations, or initiation fees.

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