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Daughter of Sunset is a chartered Lodge of the OTO in the Valley of Greater Vancouver, BC Canada.

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"I am the blue-lidded daughter of sunset; I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky. To me! To me!"

We are a syncretic magico-religious community, with our roots in multiple traditions including Astrology, Yoga, Alchemy, Buddhism, Taoism, Western Esotericism, traditional religions such as Paganism, and more. We see ourselves as living in a New Aeon, defined by the end of patriarchy and a shift in human culture towards openness, play, and individualism. We are Thelemites --adherents to the Law of Thelema as given in The Book of the Law. This law is summarized as “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” By Will we understand, not our whims, but our deepest individual nature and purpose. 


We are pioneers in this process of making our new religious community. We are all volunteers in this endeavor, and our Lodge will be as great as we ourselves make it. If you are interested in joining us, come as a fellow pioneer.

What We Do


Our central ritual is the Gnostic Mass, which expresses the spiritual progress from the profane to mystical union and creation.

We offer classes and seminars on various topics, as well as social events. Check our events page to view our calendar.


Membership proceeds through a series of initiations.


If you are new to the OTO and curious about getting involved, we suggest either writing to the Lodge Master with your questions or attending one of our events.

Not In the Greater Vancouver Area? You are welcome.

For those who are outside the Greater Vancouver Area, there has never been a better time to engage with Daughter of Sunset Lodge, because the majority of our events now take place online. Even after the pandemic, we plan to have many of our events be accessible online.


Our online events are all in videochat format, and unrecorded, so that we have the opportunity to engage with each other as a community.

Our Purpose

"Many aspirants to the Great Work have a genuine need for information, guidance, fellowship, or the opportunity to assist their fellow aspirants and serve humanity. Such aspirants will find welcome in O.T.O." -- Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta

Our purpose can be summarized as being threefold: to provide community for esoterically-minded people, to transmit teachings through the path of initiation, and to promulgate the religion and philosophy of Thelema.

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